Behind-The-Wheel During Cop P.I.T. Maneuvers

Police car

Police car

DCTC’s own Jim Unger was featured on WCCO in a story about P.I.T. Training

We’ve all seen police chases on television, but what’s it like to experience first-hand what it takes for Minnesota police officers to stop a runaway driver?

Police call the highly specialized maneuver a P.I.T. maneuver, which stands for Pursuit Intervention Technique. The point is to get the vehicle off the road and ultimately arrest the driver.

When first seen, the maneuver involving the two cars looks more like a version of adult bumper cars, where the one taps the back of the other. There’s a thrill every second for those sworn officers who train on P.I.T. at Dakota County Technical College. But in reality, this maneuver is no amusement park ride. It’s serious stuff.

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Behind-The-Wheel During Cop P.I.T. Maneuvers « CBS Minnesota

Story courtesy of CBS Minnesota

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