Todd Jagerson Named 2012 Alumni of the Year

Todd Jagerson

Todd Jagerson | 2012 DCTC Alumni of the Year

College CIO knows communication is the key to IT

After a 15-year career in business and marketing, Todd Jagerson decided it was time for something new. At age 35, he returned to college to pursue a degree in information technology. Todd studied Computer Networking at DCTC, graduating in 2000.

His work ethic and leadership skills did not go unnoticed. The college offered Todd a student worker position in the IT department. Within three years, he was managing the entire operation.

The customer service and management skills Todd brought to his new career field were undoubtedly useful, but he maintains that communication is the greatest asset in the IT field. “You need to know how to communicate both as a listener and a speaker,” Todd believes. “The best IT employees are the ones who can translate complex technical jargon into information their clients can understand.”

As chief information officer for the college, Todd serves all technology-related needs for students, faculty and staff, which includes roughly 1,500 computers on three campus locations. Todd’s resourcefulness and creative problem solving skills have allowed his small shop to operate like a big shop. Through strategic investment in infrastructure, Todd has efficiently managed to save the college thousands of dollars while providing the best technology and services available. It is not uncommon for Todd’s colleagues to call on him for advice. They recognize how he makes sound decisions to keep DCTC on the technological leading edge.

Todd went on to complete a Master of Arts in Management at Saint Mary’s University. In addition to his position as CIO, Todd’s aspiration to pay it forward takes him to the classroom during evening hours. He then brings that real-world, relevant knowledge back to his students. His advice to individuals employed in IT is to be adaptive, listen to industry and understand customer needs.

DCTC is proud to recognize Todd Jagerson as the 2012 Alumni of the Year. He continues to go above and beyond the call of duty in support of the college mission.

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