Dawn Braa Picked for Bammy! Council of Peers

Dawn Braa

DCTC instructor will help honor top professionals in education

Dawn Braa, an Early Childhood and Youth Development instructor at Dakota County Technical College, has been recognized as an expert in her field. She was selected and personally invited by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International Board of Governors to serve on the Council of Peers for the 2012 Bammy! Awards.

“It is an honor to represent providers and educators by serving on the Council of Peers,” said Braa. “The Bammy Awards are like the Grammys for education professionals. Winning a Bammy is recognized as a great achievement by members of our field.”

The Council of Peers is an invitation-only group composed of influential and accomplished educators, advocates and thought leaders throughout the educational world. The Council nominates and votes for people, programs and organizations that will receive the awards. As a member of the Council, Braa has the opportunity to serve as a presenter at the awards ceremony.

“Recognition is something that educators don’t always receive, but deserve,” said Braa. “This program recognizes and acknowledges the accomplishments of educational leaders working with our most precious resource—our children. It does take a village to raise a child and I’m honored to be part of the team recognizing those in the education ‘village.’”

A cross-discipline award, the Bammys acknowledge excellence at all levels of the education profession. Nationwide pressure and increasing scrutiny faced by educators created a need to show recognition for excellence in the field. The Bammys also encourage collaboration and respect across a range of domains. They spotlight education success stories in the public eye while uplifting the countless dedicated but unrecognized professionals who make a difference in education every day

Braa began teaching at DCTC in 2004. She has a master’s degree in early childhood education and a bachelor’s in family life/early childhood and youth development with a minor in early childhood education and parent education. Prior to DCTC, she worked as a lead preschool teacher and also taught at South Central College in Minnesota.

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