MSLA and PTK Feed Children in El Salvador

Students support GTMD in unique way

How did you Give to the Max on Nov. 16? Sixteen students, administrators and faculty from DCTC gave in their own way by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, Minn.

The Multicultural Student Leadership Association, in partnership with Phi Theta Kappa and other student organizations at DCTC, packed more than 45 cases of food within a two-hour period. The cases DCTC volunteers packaged will be shipped to starving children in El Salvador over the next two weeks.

Muhammad Akhtar, MSLA Club president, said, “It was a phenomenal experience. At first when we organized this event, my thoughts were that we were just going to go there, pack some food and that will be all. But when we got there, I was amazed to see all the people who joined us for the event. There was a lot of energy in the room with all the people trying to make a change in someone’s life. It was a really good feeling to see that with our help, we can make a choice for a child who is on the verge of dying.”

The FMSC feeding program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating starvation in children throughout the world. They are a Christian organization that helps to “instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.”

Participants learned through the FMSC feeding program that in only six months a starving child in El Salvador may gain from 19 to 70 pounds by receiving cases of food from the program, which is the difference between life and death.

“Feed My Starving Children is a great organization for people to get involved with and help starving children live a strong and healthy life. We left that place knowing that we helped 37 starving children get healthy over the next year,” said Akhtar.

Students at DCTC drive the MSLA organization to address diversity and multiculturalism with the intention of fostering an environment of understand, tolerance, and competence. They encourage the opportunity for DCTC students to explore such issues in an interpersonal setting. Christine Mollenkopf-Pigsley, MSLA club advisor said, “With students from more than thirty counties represented at DCTC, it is important that the Blue Knights spirit of giving back extends beyond our own community to the global community.”

Any students interested in becoming a member of the MSLA organization or who wants more information can go online to the Multicultural Student Leadership Association Web page, or e-mail the association at You can also contact: