Pat McQuillan New Dean of Customized Training

Pat McQuillan | DCTC Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training
Pat McQuillan | DCTC Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training

Former CT director brings 40 years of experience to new job

Pat McQuillan | DCTC Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training

Pat McQuillan | DCTC Dean of Continuing Education & Customized Training

Pat McQuillan recently took on the job as dean of the Continuing Education & Customized Training division at Dakota County Technical College. McQuillan previously served as the CT director of trade and industry, a position he held for more than a decade. Before joining the CT staff at DCTC, he worked for nearly 30 years in private industry. His career includes extensive national and international experience as the sales and marketing manager for Fortune 500 companies.

McQuillan’s track record as the director of trade and industry has proved remarkable. Below is a brief list of his accomplishments:

  • 10 straight years of 100 percent+ sales goal achievement
  • Helped create College Visibility Strategic Plan
  • Helped establish new credit-based, academic programs at DCTC, resulting in additional revenue topping $ 2.2 million
    • Nanoscience Technology
    • Electrical Construction and Maintenance Technology
    • Concrete and Masonry
    • Energy Technical Specialist with a Nuclear Emphasis
    • Civil Engineering Technology
    • Railroad Conductor Technology
    • Biomedical Equipment Technology
  • Helped create a Manufacturing Consortium with 90+ businesses and a business sounding board
  • Managed 38 successful training grants involving manufacturers, engineering firms, medical companies and more

“In customized training, you are always looking two to three years into the future,” said McQuillan, who believes the CECT division is an integral part of the entire college brand, which represents modern technical education at its most relevant. “We are about forming partnerships and collaborations that meet the workforce and training needs of business and industry. Jobs are the key. Everything we do is focused on employment. Right now, DCTC Customized Training is at the top of the mountain, which means we now need to take a look at the entire mountain range. By thinking and working as a team, we can help strengthen our college, empower workforces and boost the Minnesota economy.”

Customized training is one of the surest ways to outpace the competition, which never stops and rarely slows down. DCTC understands the speed of business. We know companies are only as fast as their people are smart. Our CT training and CE programs are all about people and making them smarter. We provide not only relevant, revenue-generating knowledge, but also the know-how to best apply it. Keep us in mind the next time you need topflight training custom-designed for your business needs. We would be more than proud to partner with you. It’s what we do. — DCTC President Ronald E. Thomas, Ph.D.

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