METNET Heading for Retirement

Student e-mail service hanging up the e-gloves after 15 years

METNET E-mail to Be Retired

The Metropolitan Educational Telecommunications Network (METNET) has contracted with the University of Minnesota to provide student e-mail services for metropolitan Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system institutions for the past 15 years. The University of Minnesota will be retiring the e-mail service (GopherMail) in the near future and will be moving to an outside e-mail service. After evaluating alternatives, METNET member schools have all decided to move to outside e-mail services as well. The reduced costs and increased capabilities of the outside e-mail services such as Google and Microsoft now make those services far more effective than to continue providing the service internally. All METNET member institutions have either already moved to another e-mail service, or are in the process of making that move. All moves should be complete by the end of fall semester 2011.

As a result, effective Jan. 1, 2012, METNET e-mail will be retired.

  • You will need to migrate to another e-mail system

You will have between now and Jan. 1, 2012 to move your e-mail off the METNET system should you decide to do so. After Jan. 1, 2012, your METNET e-mail will not longer be available, and messages will not be delivered to your METNET e-mail address (they will bounce back as undeliverable). Since the University of Minnesota is retiring the e-mail system we are using, we do not have the option to forward to another e-mail. METNET GopherMail has an option to export address books to a file format and import them into their new e-mail account.

It is important that you keep your e-mail address updated with DCTC.

You will find more information on DCTC e-mail policy along with resources for setting up a new e-mail address at the link below:

Get Started: E-mail Account Setup