Campus Lions Club Chili Cook-Off Takes Off

Student Travis Freese lands best flavor; CTO Todd Jagerson cooks hottest chili

Twenty-one seasoned chefs took part in the DCTC Campus Lions Club First Annual Chili Cook-Off April 13, 2011, in the Student Life Center on the DCTC Rosemount campus, drawing more than 100 students, staff and faculty as taste testers.

Todd Jagerson, DCTC chief technology officer, stirred up the HOTTEST chili, bringing home 37 votes. Jagerson’s recipe also took MOST CREATIVE with 19 votes. Campus Lion Club Charter Member and Electrical Lineworker Student Travis Freese lugged in a crock pot boasting a chili with the BEST FLAVOR, tallying 15 votes total. Each category earned the cook $50 in prize money.

“The Lions Club really appreciates the twenty-one chili entries,” said Campus Lions Club Advisor and English Instructor Brett Kolles. “Plans are already being discussed for next year’s chili cook-off contest.”

Campus Lions Club Chili Cook-Off Gallery

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