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Hockey Dad Enjoys CET Internship

Tom Strid | Civil Engineering Technology student

A resident of Farmington, Minn., Tom Strid, 43, is right at home interning as a civil engineering technician with the city of Farmington’s Engineering department. When the economic downturn cut short his job as a project manager at Skyline in Burnsville, Strid enrolled in the Civil Engineering Technology program.

“CET is a perfect fit for me,” he said. “I’ve got a background in AutoCAD and I really like the Civil 3D engineering software we learn to use in the program.”

He also likes the diversity of duties he’s discovered on the job as a CET intern, from new construction inspection to storm water management. When he’s not working or studying, Strid follows the activities of his three children, Hannah, a psychology major at the University of North Dakota, Maddie, a ninth grader who plays varsity hockey at Farmington High School, and Reid, an eighth grader who also plays hockey at FHS.

For more information about the Civil Engineering Technology program, contact:
  • Tim Gillette
    Civil Engineering Technology Instructor

Fortune Favors the Small

Deb Newberry | Director | Nanoscience Technology Program & Nano-Link

A major international player in nanotechnology, NanoInk appointed Deb Newberry, the director of Nano-Link and the DCTC Nanoscience Technology program, to its NanoProfessor NanoScience Education Advisory Board. As a nuclear physicist with a background in chemical and mechanical engineering, Newberry brings more than 20 years of experience in research and executive management to the NanoInk board.

“Nanotechnology is a growing aspect of virtually every industry in Minnesota, the U.S. and the world, and it will require a workforce that has a fundamental knowledge of nanotechnology and the hands-on skills to complete the nanotech-oriented jobs of today and the future,” Newberry said. “Because we teach using the NanoProfessor program at DCTC, our students receive in-depth, hands-on, experiential opportunities traditionally reserved for large, prestigious four-year universities.”

For more information on the Nanoscience Technology program, contact:
  • Deb Newberry
    Nanoscience Technology Director & Instructor