Energy Is Everything

Sandy Dyer

Sandy Dyer, Exercise and Sport Science major and Blue Knights soccer goalkeeper, was one of 16 DCTC students who participated in Leadership from the Heart presented by LifeSkills Center for Business Leadership. Led by LifeSkills facilitator, Brandon W. Johnson, the two-day experiential workshop is geared to self-discovery, including realizing the power of leading yourself so others will follow.

“We went from eight in the morning until ten at night the first day,” said Dyer, who hails from High Wycombe, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. She took the training in her capacity as a student ambassador. “It’s a deeply emotional experience and you learn a lot about yourself. We reached a very high energy level and bonded as a group. Brandon is right when he says ‘Energy is everything.’”

Dyer looks forward to advancing to LifeSkills level two training, The Battle. Her long-range goals are centered on teaching physical education to elementary school children.

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People of a Vivid Mind

Samantha Hrbek

Scribes, scribblers, bloggers, wordsmiths, ink slingers, authors and storytellers from all quarters of the student community are invited to join the newly formed DCTC Writers Club.

“I started the Writers Club to encourage creativity and help student writers develop their own personal voices,” said Samantha Hrbek, an Individualized Studies major with plans to attend Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota after graduating to pursue degrees in sales and entrepreneurship. Looking forward to a career as a business consultant and program designer, Hrbek enjoys writing novels, screenplays, plays, nonfiction and poetry.

“Members of the Writers Club help each other get from point A to point B in their writing,” Hrbek said, adding that one key goal of the club is to publish an anthology of student work to showcase self-expression in writing, art and other creative spheres. To learn more about the Writers Club, visit People of a Vivid Mind: Writers Club.

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