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DCTC & UHS Receive MJSP Grant

(left to right) DCTC President Ronald E. Thomas, UHS Executive Vice President Diana Vance-Bryan, MJSP Program Coordinator Jodie Greising, MnSCU Associate Vice Chancellor Michael Murphy

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development awarded Dakota County Technical College and Universal Hospital Services a $314,103 Minnesota Job Skills Partnership grant to train 300 current and new UHS account representatives, technicians, equipment processors and managers in a number of critical technology-driven areas related to health care equipment and services.

A grant-signing ceremony was held Monday, Feb. 14, 2011, at the UHS Corporate Office in Edina, Minn. Walter T. Chesley, UHS senior vice president of human resources, training and development, greeted attendees at the outset of the ceremony. Chesley reported that UHS is looking forward to collaborating with MJSP and DCTC to develop customized training content and performance support videos for UHS employees to use on mobile devices. “Mobile and Web integrated learning content is the wave of the future and will position our UHS teammates to better service our customers,” he said.

For more information about DCTC Customized Training, contact:
  • William Roberts | CT Director of Transportation | 651-423-8223
  • Richard Hawkins | CT Director of Corporate Transportation | 651-423-8765
  • Patrick McQuillan | CT Director of Trade & Industry | 651-423-8318
  • Larry Raddatz | CT Director of Railroad, Manufacturing and Technical Training | 651-423-8276
  • Bradd Strelow | CT Director of Technology/Innovation | 651-688-1187

Social Media Mania

Eric Mills, DCTC director of continuing education, looked at recent statistics, including one stat showing how social networking accounts for 22 percent of all U.S. online activity, and realized that higher education could play an important role in making sense of social media—especially from a business standpoint. He also noted that 23 percent of Fortune 500 companies run a blog, 60 percent have a corporate Twitter account and 56 percent are on Facebook.

Working in partnership with Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis/Saint Paul, a leading-edge association of social media professionals, DCTC has launched a new three-day continuing education program called the Certified Master of Social Media. This noncredit certification is designed to give individuals the knowledge and insights they need to become proficient in the use and management of social media technologies with a critical emphasis on commerce, marketing, public relations, personal branding and much more.

  • For the full story, read “Rise and Shine” on page 2 of the Customized Training Course Schedule | Spring 2011
For more information about Continuing Education at DCTC, including the Certified Master of Social Media certificate, contact:
  • Eric Mills
    Director of Continuing Education