Phi Theta Kappa Spring 2011 Induction Ceremony

Twenty faculty & staff receive Gold Awards

Spring 2011 Beta Theta Tau Inductees

The Beta Theta Tau Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at Dakota County Technical College held the Spring 2011 Induction Ceremony Wednesday, March 23, 2011, on the college’s Rosemount campus. Seventy-nine new members were inducted into the chapter during the Candlelight Ceremony/Presentation of Certificates and Roses. Nominated by DCTC students, 20 college faculty and staff members received Gold Awards for their contributions toward helping students achieve academic excellence. Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year technical and community college students.

“Phi Theta Kappa’s mission is two-fold: 1) recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and (2) provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.” —About Phi Theta Kappa

Candlelight Ceremony/Presentation of Certificates and Roses

Beta Theta Tau Officers
  • Awbre Henry | President | Automotive Technician program
  • Joyce Ludwig | Vice President | Graphic Design Technology, Multimedia Web Design, Electronic Publishing programs
  • Susan Raway | Secretary | Photography program
Gold Awards

Guadalupe Figueroa, Tiffany Kniefel, Jessica Jackson, Kathleen Schlingmann, Cera Steffen, Audrey Krinke, Jill Behnke, Jennifer Blom

  • Recipient: Jill Behnke | Early Childhood and Youth Development Instructor
  • Students: Jessica Jackson, Tiffany Kniefel, Audrey Krinke, Kathleen Schlingmann, Cera Steffen, Jennifer Blom

Steve Bezanson, Yen Thai

  • Recipient: Steve Bezanson | Biomedical Equipment Technology Instructor
  • Student: Yen Thai

Audrey Krinke, Dawn Braa, Jessica Jackson

  • Recipient: Dawn Braa | Early Childhood and Youth Development Instructor
  • Students: Audrey Krinke, Jessica Jackson

Mark Nicholson, Beverly Claybrook

  • Recipient: Beverly Claybrook | Architectural Technology Instructor
  • Student: Mark Nicholson

Darryl Erickson, Andrew Akem

  • Recipient: Darryl Erickson | Information Systems Instructor
  • Student: Andrew Akem

Christina Haan, Jenna Forcelle

  • Recipient: Christina Haan | Accounting Technician
  • Student: Jenna Forcelle

Melanie Coil, Christine McDaniel, Jennifer Krech, Charlotte Kodner (accepting for Susan Johanson)

  • Recipient: Susan Johanson | Office Careers Instructor
  • Students: Melanie Coil, Christine McDaniel, Jennifer Krech, Mark Woychik

Mary Jo Brunette, Charlotte Kodner, Nicole Endres

  • Recipient: Charlotte Kodner, Office Careers Instructor
  • Students: Nicole Endres, Nicole Robins, Mary Jo Brunette

Brett Kolles, Janeth Winkler

  • Recipient: Brett Kolles | Business English Instructor
  • Student: Janeth Winkler

Kate McMenomy, Yen Thai

  • Recipient: Kate McMenomy | Biological Sciences Instructor
  • Student: Yen Thai

Claudia Rose, Brianna Sletten

  • Recipient: Claudia Rose | ESOL Instructor
  • Student: Brianna Sletten

Diana Sullivan, Nicole Jones

  • Recipient: Diana Sullivan
  • Student: Nicole Jones

Bob Voss, Julie Gournoe-Hedensten

  • Recipient: Bob Voss | Business Entrepreneur Instructor
  • Student: Julie Gournoe-Hedensten

Laura Gardner, Guadalupe Figueroa

  • Recipient: Laura Gardner
  • Student: Guadalupe Figueroa

Andrew Akem, Charlotte Kodner (accepting for Judy Suddendorf)

  • Recipient: Judy Suddendorf | Information Systems Instructor
  • Student: Andrew Akem
Not Pictured
  • Recipient: Patti Weigand | Accounting Instructor
  • Student: Heather Ales
  • Recipient: Christine Pigsley | Dean of Student Affairs and General Education
  • Student: Heather Ales
  • Recipient: Mary Megan | VCOM Instructor
  • Student: Miao Li
  • Recipient: Deb Kaye | Emergency Medical Services Training Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Student: Mark Woychik
  • Recipient: Rosealee Lee | Meeting and Event Management Instructor
  • Students: Starr Briggs, Brenda Sullivan
For more information about Phi Theta Kappa at DCTC, please contact:

Charlotte Kodner | Guest Speaker