New Leaf Metabolic Assessment on Campus

Wellness Center now offering state-of-the-body health assessment

Sara Woodward, the college’s Exercise and Sport Science instructor, announced that her program is now offering the New Leaf Metabolic Assessment to students, staff, faculty and community members at the Wellness Center on the DCTC Rosemount campus.

“The assessment is a simple, two-step process,” Woodward said, “one offering personalized details about a person’s caloric requirements and fitness level along with a direction to proceed for achieving performance, health and fitness objectives.”

Woodward noted that fitness regimens work best when individuals are knowledgeable about their bodies, especially metabolism and overall wellness. The New Leaf Metabolic Assessment is fast and easy. You start by sitting in a chair and breathing while wearing a comfortable mask. The next step involves brief and moderate exercising.

“This is the smart way to start or restart any fitness program,” Woodward said. “With the information from your assessment, you can make exercise and training more efficient and lasting.”

New Leaf Metabolic Assessment

  • Resting Metabolic Rate |  $60
  • Exercise Metabolic Rate | $60
  • Mask | $43
New Leaf Metabolic Assessment Request Form
Contact Sara Woodward at 651-423-8430 for more information.