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Child Development Instructor Dawn Braa completes Iron Girl Duathlon

Dawn Braa rolling along in bike segment of duathlon

“Keep It Up. Keep It Up,” Dawn Braa writes in her Child Development blog about her finishing moments in the Aflac Iron Girl Bloomington Duathlon Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010, at Normandale Lake Park. “It seemed to take forever, but I didn’t allow myself to stop. In fact, I slowly gained speed as I approached the finish. Many others were walking around me.

“Finally, I came to the final stretch. There was my family again, smiling, cheering me on. It felt so good to be near the end! That alone gave me a burst of energy. As I rounded the very last corner, I sprinted down to the finish line. Home at last! It felt SO GOOD!”

Braa participated in an event held around the nation at various times of the year. She completed a 2-mile run followed by a 22-mile bike ride followed by another 2-mile run.

Dawn Braa’s Duathlon Results

Read Dawn Braa’s full account of her Iron Girl Duathlon experience on her Child Development Blog.

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“If you would’ve asked me immediately after the event if I would do it next year, my answer could possibly have been ‘NO,'” Braa said. “However, now that it’s over and I’ve recovered, eaten and rested, I’m more likely to say ‘YES.’ It’s exhilarating! Every girl should be an IRON GIRL.”

Braa during one of her 2-mile runs

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