DCTC Night at the Races

Horse Racing and Scholarship in a Haystack make for exciting evening at Canterbury Park

DCTC President Ron Thomas with Scholarship in a Haystack Winners

On Thursday evening, Aug. 26, Canterbury Park hosted DCTC Night at the Races. DCTC sponsored the first race of the night and the college also held another round of Scholarship in a Haystack. Five winners each found a horse figurine in the hay and galloped away with a $500 scholarship to DCTC.

Canterbury provided a Trifecta of Value coupon to DCTC guests at the park. The coupon was good for a free drink and hot dog plus a free program. The college is looking forward to holding more such events for the DCTC community in the future.

Scholarship in a Haystack Winners on Aug. 26, 2010, at Canterbury Park
  • Aquilla Kennedy | Cottage Grove, Minn. | $500
  • Landon Elfstrom | Cottage Grove, Minn. | $500
  • Pamela Sauerbrey | Apple Valley, Minn. | $500
  • Dawn McCracken | Farmington, Minn. | $500
  • Susan Eck | Farmington, Minn. | $500

DCTC Night at the Races Video

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