Hey, Students! Update Your E-mail Address ASAP!

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Okay, starting Fall Semester 2010, DCTC will be using e-mail as the college’s official medium of communication. That’s great, you’re thinking, but what does that mean for me as a DCTC student?

Well, DCTC will use e-mail as the primary way of sending you important information and announcements. If for some reason you do not wish to provide an e-mail address, all correspondence between you and the college will use standard postal service (aka snail mail), which might delay the information you receive. For instance, if you’re taking an online or hybrid course, e-mail will serve as a speedy way to send communications about the course.

Two important things to remember:
  • DCTC will not send private information via e-mail
  • DCTC will not lease or sell your e-mail address to others

So what do you have to do to get the e-mail ball bouncing? For starters, DCTC would like you to verify what e-mail address is best for reaching you. DCTC used to request the use of a MetNet e-mail address, but that’s no longer necessary. You can use any e-mail address, but it needs to be one you check on a regular basis.

To update your e-mail address, follow the link below to a quick and easy form that’s quick and easy to use:

Update Your E-mail Address

Thanks for your help!