Certified Manager™ Leadership Intensive Fast-Track

LIFT lets you earn 17 college credits in just seven weeks

By enrolling in the Certified Manager™ Leadership Intensive Fast-Track program, or LIFT, at the DCTC Apple Valley site, you will secure the highly-respected Certified Manager (CM) designation offered by the Institute for Certified Professional Managers and receive a college certificate in supervisory leadership in seven short weeks.

DCTC is offering this intensive program for individuals who need real education and real results in a very short amount of time. Tuition, fees and all exam costs total $4,000. It’s important to explore all your financial aid options as you may qualify for dislocated worker funding and/or college loans and grants. You also have the potential to earn credit for your life experiences or apply previously earned credits, which means you might be a lot closer to a degree than you think.

LIFT Course Schedule

Between June 21 and August 6, 2010, you will attend six courses:

Management Skills I, II and III

Blends the traditional management skills of planning, leading, organizing and controlling with a strong focus on interpersonal skills. You will benefit from increased knowledge and self-confidence to enhance your ability to function in today’s ever changing business environment and advance career opportunities.

Organizational Behavior

Content provides you with answers to why you have been successful or unsuccessful in your past. You will assess your personality style and learn how to influence others to obtain mutual trust, respect and achieve goals.

Financial Management

Gives the non-financial manager/supervisor an understanding of business accounting terms and accounting statements so that you will be able to make sound financial decisions.

Critical Thinking

Focuses on informal logic and will help you develop your skills and apply them to problems found in the workplace and other everyday environments.

To register for the Certified Manager™ Leadership Intensive Fast-Track, or to discuss life experience credits, please contact:

Scott Gunderson

  • Director of Business | Customized Training
  • Faculty Chair | Business and Management Department
  • 651-423-8295
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