New transit service heading for DCTC May 3, 2010

Wright Gemini 2 HEV in London, England | Courtesy of Oxyman

Transit Link Dial-a-Ride services for Dakota County will become operational May 3, 2010. The newly revamped service will be county-wide with the capacity to serve DCTC. Rosemount City Administer Dwight Johnson reported that advance reservations are required, but standing orders such as same time every Monday may be requested, a feature that could work well for DCTC students on a regular class schedule. Johnson also reported that Dial-a-Ride will coordinate with existing fixed route service.

Printable Transit Link Brochure
  • Trip less than 10 miles | $2.25 each way
  • Trips between 10 and 20 miles | $4.50 each way
  • Trips greater than 20 miles | $6.75 each way

For more information about Dial-a-Ride for Dakota County, please visit: Transit Link and Dakota County Transit Link Service.


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