Annette Marquez & Lucie Mikolascova in Meetings

Meeting & Event alumna and current student profiled in MN’s Hospitality Journal

Annette Marquez & Lucie Mikolascova

Annette Marquez, an alumna of the DCTC Meeting and Event Management program, and Lucie Mikolascova, a native of the Czech Republic and a current student in the program, are featured in the Focus Q + A section of the spring 2010 issue of Meetings, Minnesota’s Hospitality Journal. Marquez, the founder and owner of The Perfect Occasion, a meeting and event planning service, serves as Mikolascova’s regular tutor at the college’s Apple Valley site.

To learn more, please read “Planner Annette Marquez and student Lucie Mikolascova.” To check out a great photo of Marquez and Mikolascova, follow this LINK.