Researching Research

Eric Wardell, The Writing Center Tutor

Eric Wardell, The Writing Center Tutor

Seminar on proper research procedures, general topic selection and thesis development for college papers

Eric Wardell, the college’s Writing Center tutor, is putting together a seminar on the subject of research related to collegiate writing projects. Wardell will cover how to get started with research and how to pick a general topic that will guide a student to perform research geared to arriving at a specific thesis. Part of the discussion will center on how and where to look for sources—library, Internet, databases and more—what sources to look for based on topic, what sources to avoid, and how to keep track of what is gathered and narrowed down for an argument.

Research Seminar

  • Tuesday, April 6, 2010 |  1 p.m.
  • Dakota Room (1-520)
  • FREE of charge | Everyone welcome

For more information, contact Eric Wardell at 651-423-8361.