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DCTC Director of Business and Management

Lisa Bah | DCTC Director of Business and Management

by Lisa Bah, Director of Business and Management & Apple Valley Site Coordinator
Dakota County Technical College

We’re a few weeks into Your EDGE, DCTC’s career-building mini-clinics-and the momentum is building! People who’d planned on attending just one or two sessions are finding the knowledge so valuable that they are returning to register for the remaining clinics. It’s an exciting time for DCTC faculty, staff and the sea of industry experts who are donating their time, knowing that we are poised to bring real-world employment information to people who are looking to carve out a successful career.

Your EDGE is all about getting underemployed people out of a career slump, giving real hope for gainful employment and losing the defeatist attitude that often creeps up on people when they’re having a tough time finding their dream job.

Your EDGE is based on the premise that we all learn from the success stories of others as well as from their defeats. As Lou Holtz, former Minnesota Gophers football coach said, “I think everyone should experience defeat at least once during their career. You learn a lot from it.”

A positive, forward-moving attitude works wonders. This may mean taking college classes to enhance job skills, or working with a life coach to define dreams. Now that Your EDGE is in full swing, we’re looking forward to four more weekends of mini-clinics that, based upon preregistrations, will be wildly popular. If communication is at the core of our success, then networking is the path to our success.

This coming weekend, Saturday & Sunday, March 11 & 12, Your EDGE will be hosting an amazing mini-clinic dedicated to building networking and life skills.

Networking, Communication & Life Coaching: Get Your Message Heard

Learn how to communicate and network to get where you want to be personally and professionally. This mini-clinic will empower you through learning and practice, and you will be engaged in the following ways:

  • Write your elevator speech and escalator speech
  • Learn that networking is about asking questions and listening in a way that builds relationships
  • Gain confidence in introducing yourself to others
  • Practice verbal communication techniques
  • Practice nonverbal communication techniques
  • Explore business etiquette
  • Listen in a way that affirms value while establishing a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Ask questions that tap into the personal power and creativity that can transform lives
  • Leverage the value of exploring with others rather than problem-solving for them
  • Manage obstacles to personal and professional success

The Presenters

  • Karen J. Carr, M.A., CPCC
    Revitalize Life Coaching
  • Annette H. Marquez
    President, The Perfect Occasion, LLC
  • Kate Simonson, MA, ACC
    Life Direction Coaching, Inc.

We all know someone who could use information offered by Your EDGE, and there’s still time to register for upcoming clinics, or to volunteer at events. In addition to the clinics on March 12 and March 13, we’ll also be offering future clinics such as:

Electronic Portfolios: Connect Your Experience and Talents Visually
The Interview: Your Foot is in the Door-Now What?
For Women Only: Savvy Professional Women Know These Dirty Little Secrets. Do You?

For more information, please call 651-423-8644, or e-mail Your EDGE
If you are interested in volunteering, please call 651-423-8601, or e-mail EDGE Volunteer

Visit Your EDGE for more detailed information on the project.