Andy Flocchini Posting on The Apple Blog

DCTC IT specialist writing how-articles on Apple-user blog

Andy Flocchini, DCTC IT Specialist

Andy Flocchini, DCTC IT Specialist

Andy Flocchini, an information technology specialist at DCTC, is writing exceptionally popular how-to articles for The Apple Blog, an online social media site for the day-to-day Apple user. Flocchini’s most recent post, “How-To: Create Your Own iTunes LP,” already has 20,000 views.

“I got started by just clicking a banner on the blog asking for writers,” Flocchini said. “Now I’m under contract to write original how-to articles about Apple applications.”

You can read Flocchini’s articles at “Author Archive for Andrew Flocchini” on The Apple Blog.

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  • Ryan says:

    I read some of his articles and they are very well written! Cheers to Andy! Goes to show that DCTC is full of awesome web/computer gurus

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