Snow Valley

Operations personnel carve canyon in snowbank for spring meltwater

(Left to right) Scott Wardell, Mark Ramseth, Steve Gipple, Donnie Myers, Ken Aller, Jerry Stiles, Ryan Becker

DCTC switched to in-house snow removal this winter with great success. Operations Director Paul DeMuth reports that DCTC Customized Training trained four Operations personnel to use snow-removal vehicles, including the John Deere payloader that carved out the snow valley shown above—snow shovels notwithstanding.

Hauling plowed snow to a location remote from the lots is another benefit of in-house snow removal. Lead Maintenance Worker Mark Ramseth said that the valley allows meltwater from plowed snow to flow into a drainage creek behind the snowbanks. “This will eliminate flooding in the parking lots when snow melts in the spring,” Mark said.