Peter Skoro Makes Plans for Sabbatical

Professional renewal critical for relevant, cutting-edge curricula

Peter Skoro, an instructor in the college’s VCOM department, has the green light to embark on a sabbatical for professional development and renewal during fall semester of the academic year 2010-2011 .

Skoro plans to journey to San Francisco, Calif., to participate in an intensive, in-depth drawing seminar at the start of his sabbatical. From there, he will commence work on a range of drawing projects, following artistic directions determined by his seminar coursework.

In addition to teaching classes in Multimedia and Web Design, Skoro also teaches Scale & Perspective, a beginning drawing course that covers techniques for drawing linear perspective in a rapid manner. He also explains drawing style, composition and use of color. He plans to use the knowledge accrued during his sabbatical to directly enhance the learning experience of his students.