Construction Project Puts Renewal Front and Center

Construction project in front of DCTC’s building will remove berms, expand parking, and meet green standards

DCTC continues to focus on renewal as the college begins a project that will give the front of its building a facelift.

On Nov. 12, construction equipment moved on to campus to begin removing the earth berms in front of the building and to enlarge the existing parking lots.

“The earth berms block the view of the college from the road. That will change once they are gone,” said Paul DeMuth, DCTC director of operations. “It will also double the parking spaces out front – we will be able to accommodate 98 cars in each of the new lots.”

The project will also be an important step for future planning by the college, city, and county.

“There are a lot of plans underway for County Road 42 by local government, and we have plans to remodel our front entrance. Removing the berms and expanding these two lots are important steps to helping us reach our larger goals,” said DeMuth.

The project will also meet the standards set by DCTC recent Green Campus Commitment. Five trees will be replanted for each tree removed, recycled concrete and asphalt will be used, and holding ponds will be put in to collect runoff that will be used to water the college’s landscaping.

DeMuth anticipates that the paving will be completed by Thanksgiving, and the rest of project will be finished by spring.