Future ‘Movers and Zoomers” Get Behind The Wheel

DCTC recently took part in the Farmington School District Community Education ‘Moving and Zooming’ program, giving kids ages 0-5 and their parents the opportunity to take a look at big rigs and fast cars up close.

“The kids get pretty jazzed about seeing the big truck and the GM Automotive Service Educational Program racecar from DCTC,” said DCTC Mike Opp.

And that is exactly the reaction that organizers want. Nita Wolf, organizer of the event and licensed family educator for the Farmington Community Education program specializing in parent education, sees this as a way to raise awareness about community workers and provide a hands-on learning opportunity.

“This is very educational because kids this age see this kind of equipment in their books and they are excited about it. And, not only do they get to look at the vehicles up close, but they also get to talk to people who work with them,” said Wolf.

This is the fourth year for the event, and about 250 parents and children attended. This year’s event included a limo, a tree spader, fire truck, garbage truck, motorcycle, the DCTC truck and racecar, and much more.

“‘Moving and Zooming’ definitely has a festival feel to it. The kids love it, and the parents love it, too,” said Wolf.

To learn more about the programs that use DCTC’s big rigs and cool cars, visit www.dctc.edu and check out the transportation program listed under the ‘Programs & Majors‘ button.