DCTC GM ASEP Program Recognizes Lupient Buick/Pontiac/GMC

Left to right: Mark Hickman, Tony Parenteau, Gregg Havelka, Bruce Himple, and Tim McCluskey

Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) recently recognized Lupient Buick/Pontiac/GMC in Golden Valley for its eight-year sponsorship of the DCTC General Motors Automotive Service Education Program (GM ASEP).

DCTC GM ASEP Instructors Tim McCluskey and Mark Hickman presented Lupient Parts and Services Director Bruce Himple and former DCTC student and Lupient Assistant Service Manager Tony Parenteau with a plaque recognizing the partnership.

Through the program, Lupient takes on about one DCTC student each year as part of the DCTC GM ASEP program’s unique cooperation with General Motors and A/C Delco, which allows student to become highly specialized service technicians for General Motors Dealers. Through ASEP, students are able to gain work experience through a sponsoring General Motors dealer, allowing them to apply classroom learning to real-world situations.

“The DCTC GM ASEP program is a win-win situation for us. It is difficult to find young people who want to invest in the car business. This program prepares the student to focus on our specific product so they can hit the ground running upon graduation. We also get to work with and see the student ‘hands on’ as part of the internship program, which is very helpful to us and valuable to the student,” said Himple.

Upon completion of the DCTC GM ASEP program, students most often not only stay with their sponsoring dealership – they stay for an extended time.

“We see a significantly high retention rate with DCTC students because of the relationship and accountability between DCTC, the dealership, and the student,” said Himple. “We know what DCTC is teaching and the level and quality of the instruction. At other schools, the training is more general. The specific nature of the GM program truly prepares students.”

Parenteau is an excellent example of the outstanding retention rate dealerships often experience with GM ASEP graduates. After completing his training, Parenteau stayed with Lupient and has now advanced to his position as an assistant service manager.

In addition to the specifics of the training, Himple is also quick to credit DCTC’s instructors.

“Both instructors, Tim and Mark, are committed to these kids and ensuring their success in the business. That is needed, and it’s the difference,” said Himple.