Battling the Bulge

As Americans continue to wage a battle against the bulge, two Rosemount establishments are working to better arm individuals to find success in their personal fitness goals.

Just outside of Rosemount, Dakota County Technical College is producing a skilled workforce educated in Exercise and Sport Science. The college began offering the two-year-degree program a few years ago and recently expanded it through a partnership with Southwest Minnesota State University that will allow interested students to pursue a four-year degree at DCTC’s Rosemount site. The program has been extremely popular and many of the graduates are now employed at area fitness clubs.

One of the clubs that employs some of these graduates is Anytime Fitness in Rosemount. In a world filled with big fitness clubs and high membership rates, Anytime Fitness is working to be a more cost-efficient, convenient answer that is equal in quality to its competitors.

The mission of Anytime Fitness is one of the reasons that DCTC Exercise and Sport Science graduates have found it to be an attractive employer.

“The difference here from other clubs is that I get to be my own boss. Anytime Fitness does not get a cut from my personal training rates, so my rates aren’t as much as they would be at another club,” said Jeremy Sieben, a 2005 DCTC Exercise and Sport Science graduate who is personal trainer and metabolic assessment specialist at Anytime Fitness in Rosemount.

Sieben came to Anytime Fitness about three months after graduating from the DCTC program. Prior to returning to school for Exercise and Sport Science, Sieben had worked as a machinist for seven years and was laid-off shortly after 9/11. He knew that the demand for personal trainers was high and he was interested in learning about and teaching people how to stay fit.

“With the Baby Boomers aging and so many Americans struggling with being overweight, I really felt I could be part of the self-improvement process,” said Sieben.

Annie Elmer, also a DCTC Exercise and Sport Science graduate and personal trainer at Anytime Fitness, had similar sentiments.
“I worked in the corporate world for a long time and I was burned out. I love being active and have had a personal trainer myself, so I know how beneficial and fun that type of motivation can be. I felt like I could give it a shot from the teaching end,” said Elmer.

As personal trainers, Elmer and Seiben are very used to dealing with any variety of health challenges individuals might be facing.

“You never know what kinds of things a person might be facing when they walk in the door. Our job is to help people adjust so that we can meet their specific needs,” said Elmer.

And sometimes, the challenge has nothing to do with health.

“For the most part, if a person hasn’t had a health club membership or isn’t using their membership, then there is probably something about working out that they don’t like. That is why we have personal trainers. It gives people an overall better experience,” said Tim Forby, owner of Anytime Fitness.

In addition to offering personal training at a more reasonable cost, Anytime Fitness is exactly what it claims to be – a fitness experience that is available anytime.

“Our customers can come in whenever is best for them, and a lot of them live in close proximity to our location, making it convenient for them,” said Forby.

Additionally, Anytime Fitness offers a senior’s programs, various classes, a sport-specific training program, unlimited tanning, and high-quality cardio and strength-training equipment.

Whether you are interested in getting people into shape or getting in shape yourself, both DCTC and Anytime Fitness in Rosemount are offering a great experience that can be truly beneficial. Learn more about DCTC’s Exercise and Sport Science program by visiting and learn more about Anytime Fitness by call 651-322-4433.