Save A Life Tour Visits DCTC

DCTC students recently had the opportunity to experience what driving drunk is like and the potential impact it can have – but from the safety of a driving simulator provided by the Save A Life Tour.

The Save A Life Tour is a program that travels across the nation to educate young adults about the dangers of drunk driving, and DCTC was fortunate enough to be part of the program’s latest tour.

In addition to the driving simulator, which features a fully-functional Ford Taurus ‘driver’s seat’, the Save A Life Tour brings graphic emergency room footage from drunk driving accidents, testimonials from individuals impacted by drunk driving, banners with powerful images, a coffin for display, and a facilitator who answers questions and distributes information.

Throughout the Save A Life Tour visit, DCTC students were able to experience the sights and sounds of the tour in DCTC’s central commons area, and many were deeply impacted by what they experienced.

“Viewing the entire display, the coffin, and hearing the facilitator’ personal stories was an eye opener. The Save A Life Tour definitely delivered the important message of taking the keys to keep your friends and family safe. The program was an excellent way to address the issue of drunk driving,” said DCTC Nursing student Jean Dresch.

“The Save A Life Tour’s powerful message and personal stories create an approachable atmosphere that appeals to students of all ages and backgrounds. It really allows students to understand the potential impact drunk driving can have,” said Nicole Meulemans, assistant director of student life at DCTC.

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