DCTC Unveils New Cutting-Edge Digital Photography Lab

It is no secret that Dakota County Technical College produces some of Minnesota’s most talented photographers.

To stay ahead of the curve in higher education, DCTC is now equipped with a brand-new digital photography lab with the most updated equipment available. And, next week, the public is invited to take a look.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., DCTC will show off the lab, and the rest of its nationally recognized Visual Communications facilities. Instructors will be on hand to answer questions, and students will give demonstrations of the equipment’s capabilities.

The studio has been constructed to be very versatile. A track system allows instructors to divide the 30 x 30 space into two identical shooting bays, or the studio can be used as one large shooting space.

Students will be using professional 35 mm Canon and Nikon cameras and “high-end” interchangeable digital “backs” for medium format cameras as well. In addition, presentations and shoot results can be viewed immediately on 40-inch LCD monitors.

In short, the new digital studio at DCTC could arguably be the best digital media lab of its kind in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

This studio and continued success has brought about the opportunity for many new courses and new programs (pending MNSCU approval) in Photography. Recent program success such as our claim to three national SkillsUSA titles in the past four years, have put DCTC on the map as one of the best photography schools in the country. Our 2004 national champion, Matt Braun accepted his prize (a full-ride scholarship to Hallmark Institute of Photography) and now lives and studies near Boston. The 2003 winner, DCTC’s John Peters, also studied for a year at the Hallmark Institute and now works in the Twin Cities as a freelance photographer.

The DCTC Visual Communications department is located on the west end of the first floor in the main campus building. DCTC is at 1300 145th St. E. (County Road 42) in Rosemount.

Call (651) 423-8433 for directions if necessary, or visit www.dctc.edu for a map and more information on DCTC Visual Communications programs.