Student Testimonials

Charley Alden

Bellamy ‘Krisi’ Watschke

Heather Corley

Recently I decided to return to college and work towards a degree in early childhood education. After reviewing my choices of colleges in the area I selected DCTC based on their convenient location and because they have articulation agreements set up between various universities. I get to study at the Rosemount campus but receive my Bachelor’s degree from a four year university. The bonus for me is that I get to stay close by with my husband and children and that I am paying technical credit tuition rates instead of university tuition rates. It is the best of both worlds.

I also really enjoy the energy that the instructors have and enjoy the learning environment. The lab at DCTC is amazing and they have a large inventory to work with. I like the hands on approach and appreciate being able to earn certifications during class times for areas that will benefit me long term.

LouAnn Braun

I had been a licensed child care provider for almost 20 years before I decided to go to Dakota County Technical College.  I remember when I started thinking about going back to school, I contacted Jill and she was so enthusiastic about the program, that I found myself getting excited. I wanted to learn more about caring for children and how they develop. I knew when I went to DCTC that I would learn a lot. What amazed me was how much more I learned – more than I could have ever imagined! I know that my new knowledge in child development has improved my program and the quality of care for the children.

With my busy schedule, I preferred to take most of my classes on-line. I was able to utilize courses from DCTC and other colleges to meet my needs. The staff at DCTC was excellent. They were always willing to help; whether it was helping me find an on-line class, answering my questions or just getting me to think outside my box.

As I move forward, working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, I know that all the knowledge that I gained from DCTC will help me succeed in my career goals.

-LouAnn Braun | Family Child Care Provider  | T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Recipient | A.S. Graduate

Teri Kerber

As a former student and graduate of DCTC, I can say for certain that the education I received at this college was sufficient, of the highest quality, and most of all enjoyable. I have used the knowledge of the lectures, class work, lab work, field trips and “hands-on experiences”, to equip me to be the best early childhood teacher I can be.

-Teri Kerber | Preschool Teacher | A.A.S. Graduate

Heather Janisch

I enjoy the Child Development program at DCTC because I like the hands-on learning experiences that we have in class. We are able to take field trips and have guest speakers come to our classes. I enjoy being with the other students who are interested in child development too.

-Heather Janisch | A.A.S. student

Kelin Bezanson

I first chose DCTC because it was close to where I lived. Even though I have now moved further from the school, I have stayed at DCTC because the instructors and my classmates are the best! I always feel very welcome when I come to school. The added bonus to this is that ALL of my classes have been so much fun. I am definitely satisfied with my choice in attending DCTC.

-Kelin Bezanson | A.A.S. student

Holly Kimmes

I attended DCTC and obtained a certificate and diploma before starting my own family child care business.   A few years after starting my business I received a scholarship to return to DCTC and finish my AAS degree. I thought returning would not only enhance my professionalism, but increase my chances for future grants.   I was impressed with the amount of support the parents and children have shown me.   The classes focus on every aspect of child development and after graduating you have a better understanding of each child as a whole.

-Holly Kimmes | Family Child Care Provider | T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Recipient | Returning A.A.S. student

Jessie Kiscaden

I have completed my Certificate and Diploma in Child Development. I am now returning to complete my AAS degree. Between each step of my education career I have taken a year or two off. Each time I come back I always have felt very welcomed and accepted by everyone. During my time at DCTC I have enjoyed all of the hands-on learning and fun things we do as Child Development students. Not only has this program help me grow as a teacher, but as a person too. I like knowing that I can always come back!

-Jessie Kiscaden | Child Care Teacher | Returning A.A.S. student

Wendy Appel

Going back to school as an older student was a difficult choice for me. I had done daycare for 12 years, and had the opportunity to use the TEACH program to help pay for classes. The staff at DCTC, especially in the Child Development program, helped make the transition easy! The experience rejuvenated my enthusiasm for teaching children, and provided me with the tools and knowledge to build on my curriculum. The blend of online classes along with classes on campus have allowed me the flexibility to continue at my own pace with the style of learning that fits me best.

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