Guest Speakers

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Rae Pica
Morgan Livingstone
Michelle Figlar
Dr. Walter Drew 
Brocklin Qualls
Stacie Goffin
Safety Sam
Nadi Bajda
Jolene Pearson
  • Jolene Pearson, Associate Professor & Director, Early Childhood Department of Ed., Bethel University (July 2014)
Joan Steffend
Catherine Wright
Jamie Bonczyk
  • Jamie Bonczyk, Adjunct Instructor, Certified Trainer, Director of Health & Nutrition (Parents in Community Action-Head Start), and Conference Presenter (November 2013)
Joshua Koepp
Sharon MacDonald
Warren Buckleitner
Dan Anselment
Jill Nolan and Laura Beaver
Holly Elissa Bruno
  • Holly Elissa Bruno , MA, JD, Holly Elissa Bruno Keynotes & Team Building, Wheelock College Adjunct Instructor, Host of “Heart to Heart Conversations” on leadership: BAMradionetwork (May 2013)
Mary Jo Huff
  • Mary Jo Huff, Keynote Speaker, Author, Song Writer, and Recording Artist, GIVEAWAY (April 2013)
CHILD LIFE MONTH (March 2013) Diane Hart, Ellen Hollon, Lynn Kokal, Melissa Hicks
MaryAnn Kohl
Dr. Harvey Karp
Rick Ackerly
Deborah Stewart
Jeff A. Johnson
  • Jeff A Johnson, Author, Keynote, and Family Child Care Owner of Explorations Early Learning (October 2012) GIVEAWAY
Dr. Chip Donohue
Tom Copeland
Stuart Stotts
Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Tina Feigal
WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD MONTH (Apr. 2012) Dr. Gera Jacobs, Dr. Sharon Bergen, John Archambault, & Dr. Lilian Katz
CHILD LIFE MONTH (Mar. 2012) Toni Millar, Sheila Palm, Civita Brown, & Eugene Johnson
Duane Benson
Erin and Dr. Marti Erickson
Molly Eiche
Laura Berg
Erin Kenny, J.D.
Sarah Mendivel
Dawn Braa & Jill Behnke
Dr. Sherralyn Cox
Dr. Ronald Thomas
Cory Woosley

Will Hale
Angele Sancho Passe
Julie Austin
Dr. Heidi Frankard
Chris Bentley
Chad Dunkley
Alicia Frosch
Pat Gentz
Steve P. aka Mr. Fun
  • Mr. Fun, President of Mystik Toyz, Stilt Walker, Juggler, Fire Dancer, Drummer and Instructor (Aug. 2010)
Nicole Meulemans


Jason Kotecki

  • Jason Kotecki “The Champion of Childhood,” Speaker,  Author, and Creator of the internationally known comic strip, Kim & Jason (May 2010)

Sue Pederson

Bryan Nelson

Child Life
Rae Pica
Karen King
Dr. Judy Herr

Cindy Croft

Shelly Brandl

Valerie Peterson

Diana Sundwall

Dady Pigeon

Christina Schwartz

Brandice Camara

Sue Spector

Laurie Haenke

Laura Berg

Laura and Fireese

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    I have enjoyed the first chapters and want to share information with the parents in my program.

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