• You may not know this…

    Here are a few calendar items happening this week that you may not be aware of… Monday 12-Work Harder Day Tuesday 13-Rubber Duckie’s Birthday Wednesday 14-Revolutionary War Ended 1784 Thursday 15-First Super Bowl

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  • Language/Literacy Activity Ideas

    If you’re like me, you’re always looking for simple activity ideas for children. It’s important to make sure that they are developmentally appropriate and safe. (Ex: Marbles would NOT be a developmentally

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  • Thought of the Week 12/10/2008

    Montessori school programs emphasize the importance and connection of all living things and the need for each person to find meaningful work and his/her own place in the world. They focus on relationships/ community within the

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  • Thought of the Week 12/3/08

    Concept Development Understanding specific ideas or thoughts regarding various topics; sizes, shapes, colors, etc.

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  • Let’s Say Thanks!

    Here is an easy way to send a postcard to our troops serving overseas. http://www.letssaythanks.com/ This website gives you an opportunity to send a FREE POSTCARD to military men/women overseas to show your support and gratitude

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  • Thought of the Week 11/25/08

    Accreditation A process through which child care programs voluntarily meet specific standards to receive endorsement from a professional agency. Some of these organizations include: National Association for the Education of Young

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  • Parents Drop ‘n Go

    As you may be aware, all states have a Safe-Haven Law that allows parents to bring newborn infants to the hospital and leave them, no questions asked. This law makes it possible for a parent who cannot care for her newborn to

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  • Indoor Play Areas

    It’s that time of year again….Brrr! Of course, children usually enjoy playing in the snow, but it’s also nice to backup options if it’s too cold, or if you have real little ones. I’ve put together a

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  • Thanksgiving Jokes 2

    Here are a few more children’s Thanksgiving jokes-

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  • Thanksgiving jokes 1

    In light of the upcoming holiday, here are some children’s Thanksgiving jokes-

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  • Joke 11/23/08

    From Razor, age 9, Maryland,United States Why did the fish go to jail?

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  • Joke 11/17/08

    Knock, knock! Who’s there? Howie. Howie who? ———————————————————- Howie going to figure this out?

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  • Thought of the Week 11/17/08

    Assessment A systematic procedure for obtaining information from observation, interviews, portfolios, projects, tests, and other sources that can be used to make judgments about characteristics of children or programs.

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  • Children and Cell Phones

    As I was driving home from work last night, I noticed (as I’m sure you have too) that a high percentage of people were (or seem to be) on their cell phones. Today I stopped into Subway, and again noticed some people on their

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  • ALERT! Teen Hazard!

    If you have a child age 9-16 or work with teens, this post is a must read! As I sit here, aghast…I have been moved to tears. I’m speechless and was totally unaware of this terrible and unsafe trend among our young

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  • Joke 11/13/08

    From Elise, age 8, Livermore, California Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shell station!

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  • Child Development/Early Childhood Job Outlook

    I’d like to dedicate this posting to those who are interested in the early childhood field and want to know more about career options, as well as the projected future for child care workers. Child care workers nurture and

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  • Craniosynostosis Final Update

         I took my son to his appointment yesterday. It was a great experience for both of us. We arrived early and therefore had time to explore the building and eat. There is a McDonald’s within the complex so we ate

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  • Child Development Program Webpage

    In case you haven’t made a recent trip to the Dakota County Technical College Child Development Program Website, here’s a direct link for easy travel: https://www.dctc.edu/childdev/ You’ll find lots of valuable

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  • Career Development Resource Guide

    **I thought that this website could be a great resource for someone going into the Early Childhood field. Please keep in mind that it’s designed for the state of NEW YORK. Follow the links below to go to any section of

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