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  • DIY: Window Books

    Engage your children in nature- they learn many valuable skills from being outdoors. Look at these fantastic WINDOW BOOKS from Teach Preschool! What will your children see? Perfect for the upcoming spring/summer seasons and

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  • Giveaway: Mudworks- Bilingual Edition

     MaryAnn Kohl, our February Guest Speaker, has donated her Mudworks: Bilingual Edition for this giveaway. “El arte es un proceso, no un producto.” Fifty of the best squishy kid-tested projects capture the

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  • February Guest Speaker: MaryAnn Kohl (Art)

    MaryAnn Faubion Kohl, award-winning author, publisher, literary agent, and educational consultant, has devoted her professional life to children’s art and creativity. Her philosophy, “It’s the process, not the

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  • ABC Center

    What’s in YOUR ABC Center? Take a peek at Pre-k Pages’s ABC Center for ideas and then share your own. Head on over to our Facebook Page for more dialogue regarding ABC Centers.  

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  • Playful Math

    I love this playful math idea from Playful Learning for slightly older children! This idea is simple, but grand. The idea is to use sticky notes to create a large pattern- how fun is that?! Click the link above to access patterns

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  • Bucket Fillers (Emotional Intelligence)

    It’s so important to reinforce the positive in life, especially with young children. It concerns me that our society tends to focus on the negative. I often hear adults bark orders and/or putdowns to children. “Get

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  • Simple Terraniums

    Today I want to share with you an idea for bringing the outdoors inside during the cooler months. Click HERE for a post introducing a beautiful way to introduce children to the concept of caring for the environment. I would

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  • “I Can” Task Cards

    Here’s a helpful idea from Pre-K Pages to add to your learning centers to promote positive, independent play. The “I Can” task cards provide play ideas for the children in that particular area. This can be

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  • P Is For…

    Painting and Parties…Parkas and Paper. Teach Preschool also found a book entitled Pinecones and Penguins. I’m highlighting her post because it’s an example of taking a book and creating multiple extension

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  • Winter Crafts for Kids

    I started a winter tradition with my son two years ago of making handmade gifts to give to others. It’s a special time for us to slow down and enjoy special time together, giggle, and use our creativity. He feels such pride

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  • Yuck! I’m Not Eating That!

    You’ve probably all heard that at some point before if you work with children. Depending on their personal taste preferences, eating climate at home, and what they’re used to, they may not be as willing to try new

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  • Tin Can Magnetic Play

    This is an excellent example of allowing for open-ended play and exploration! We need to trust that children are capable of figuring out what to do with the materials and how they work. They are very intelligent! It is during

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  • Math Pocket Charts (Fall)

    Pocket charts are great teaching tools and can be used in many different ways with young children. They promote independence, individualized learning, teamwork, fine motor skills, organization, and more. They can be teacher-led

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  • Sticky Paper Tracing

    Do the children in your life ever struggle with tracing objects? Perhaps part of their struggle is holding the traceable object in place. Teach Preschool has found a solution- sticky paper tracing! Pop over to see this method in

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  • Site Word BINGO

    Learning site words are extremely important in early grade school but can sometimes be tricky. There are many ‘rules’ and some of the words just don’t follow those rules. One way to assist with memorization

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  • Nature Crafts and Activities

    Research tells us that it’s important to get kids outside. They have a fundamental need for exercise and movement and are often inspired by nature. It’s important for children to learn about, understand, and respect

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  • It’s Not Only a Box

    One of my favorite activities at the beginning of my Creative Development course is to ask students to think of as many uses as possible for a paperclip…then for a brick. Many times at first, they are thinking of practical,

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  • Fine Motor Monster Madness

    Children are sometimes afraid of monsters. At home, it’s important to acknowledge their fears and to be honest. Monsters are only pretend characters.  In childcare/school, teachers can use teaching

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  • DIY: Toddler Board Books

    Toddlers enjoy “reading” books and still benefit greatly from sensory experiences. Why not create your own board books instead of purchasing them? You can design books specifically for the children in your care and

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  • Fall Playdough

    I’ve been on the hunt for new activity ideas and recipes for fall. Check out what butterfly wishes and wonderland dreams made for her fall playdough. Do you have a special recipe for fall? Comment below! Another favorite

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