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  • Pattern Block Mats

    Have you used pattern blocks with children yet? Perhaps not because pattern blocks are often underutilized. They are a perfect manipulative activity to strengthen hand-eye coordination, color and shape differentiation, etc.

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  • Scoopy Doop

    Open-ended, child-initiated play is crucial for young children. That being said, teachers can (and should) ask thought-provoking questions and make slight suggestions to scaffold the child’s thought process during play to

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  • Guest Speaker: The Beeasel Kids Easel

    A new month means a new guest speaker! This month, I’m like to introduce Nadi Bajda. Nadi has been an Early Childhood Educator since 1985. She teaches in the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program in the Eden

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  • Using Spools as Tools for Play

    Today we’re going to BLOG HOP! Teach Preschool has a great post about using large cardboard spools to inspire play ideas. Hop on over to gain ideas for your classroom.

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  • Dancing Oobleck?

    I came across THIS POST  recently and knew I would need to share it through this blog. If you’ve never heard of Oobleck, it’s just a mixture of cornstarch and water. It’s a wonderful sensory activity for

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  • Ways To Transform A Pizza Box

    Click on the picture below to learn how to transform a basic pizza box into something magical for learning!  

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  • I Have…Who Has…? (Numbers)

    Wrap Around Games are one of my all-time favorite games for children. Why? They encourage social interaction and reinforce critical thinking skills. I have made many different games for toddlers to school-agers (colors,

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  • What’s In A Name?

      Here’s a new twist on a name game that many of us may be familiar with. Teach Preschool has provided many options of play for promoting name recognition, an important skill for little ones. Young children are often

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  • Rainbow Pour Flower Pots

    Living in the frozen tundra can have it’s benefits. What are they you ask? Sledding, snow men, snow forts, hot cocoa, snowmobiling, skiing, etc. Many people continue to bike and run in the cold weather. In fact, the

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  • Animal Shelters, Service Learning, and Dramatic Play

    What do animal shelters, service learning and dramatic play have in common? PreK Pages has developed an animal service learning project with mini dramatic play kit available to you FREE! Vanessa says, ” Children who are

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  • What’s the Weather?

    Many early childhood and early school-age programs observe and document the weather outside. Children are often eager to share what the weather was like or how it has changed since they arrived. It’s important for children

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  • Fine Motor Turkey Math

    I want to share this fun game that I came across recently. Not only is it super cute (and simple), but there are many benefits to playing it. As stated on the Pre-KPages website, “As children pick up the beads and place

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  • Sandwich Shop Math Game

    I love activities that are hands on and stimulating for the children. Identifying numerals and counting are important skills that provide a foundation for other skills. There are many creative ways to practice numeral and

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  • I Have…Who Has…?

      One of my favorite wrap-around games for children is “I Have…Who Has”. A wrap-around game is one that begins with one child, circulates through all of the other children, and ends up back at the beginning

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  • Guest Speaker: Environmental Print

    Environmental print is everywhere around us. In fact, you could say that it’s the first print a child starts to “read.” What is Environmental Print and how can you use it to educate young children?

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  • Week of the Young Child- DCTC ECYD Club

    The DCTC ECYD student club met on Monday, April 15th, to sew t-shirt bags as their Week of the Young Child service project. They re-purposed new and used t-shirts into bags. These bags will be used by an elementary school in

  • April Guest Speaker: Mary Jo Huff (Storytelling)

    I’m honored to introduce April’s guest speaker – Mary Jo Huff. Mary is an award-winning Author, Recording Artist, Storyteller, Early Childhood Educator, Puppeteer, Professional Development Presenter, Keynote

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  • DIY: Sewing Frame for Preschoolers

    Teach Preschool has done it again! She’s posted a fantastic activity that teaches a life skill, enhances fine motor development, encourages socialization but can also be done alone, and is fun. All you need are a few

    March 24, 2013 • Idea Box • Views: 3380

  • Word Work

    If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your word/letter station in your program, this post will probably intrigue you! Joyful Learning has posted some fantastic ways for encouraging children to investigate and explore

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  • Book Inspired Lessons

    Books are wonderful tools for engaging and motivating children. They also naturally inspire children through vocabulary and illustrations. Here’s a great example of how teachers can begin with a story and then branch off

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