Fall 2016 Early Childhood Courses @ DCTC

Published on: April 28, 2016

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Below are the courses that we’re offering fall semester (Aug-Dec)
options range from enrolling in our entire early childhood program down to just one class. 

*Introduction to Early Childhood Careers (On Campus & Online)
7 spaces remaining (On Campus)
3 spaces remaining (Online)
*Child Growth and Development (On Campus & Online)
spaces remaining (On Campus)
space remaining (Online)
*Health, Safety, and Nutrition (On Campus & Online)
spaces remaining (On Campus)
spaces remaining (Online)
*Observation and Assessment  (On Campus & Online)
1 space remaining (On Campus)
FULL (Online) Join Waitlist
*Curriculum Planning (On Campus & Online)
1 space remaining (On Campus)
FULL (Online) Join Waitlist
*Children with Differing Abilities (On Campus & Online)
spaces remaining (On Campus)
FULL (Online) Join Waitlist
*Creative Development Experiences (On Campus)
spaces remaining (On Campus)

Apply/register today to reserve your space in class!


Dawn Braa, dawn.braa@dctc.edu, 651.423.8315
Sharon Bergen, sharon.bergen@dctc.edu, 651.423.8398


3 Responses to Fall 2016 Early Childhood Courses @ DCTC

  1. Alivia says:

    I was challenged to put the children’s needs ahead of our fears. It is wonderful to see children enjoy participating with others in the learning process, to be absorbed in what they are doing and working together.
    I have been confronted by parents worries when a male is present in their child’s classroom. Yet now I have seen a shift from open doors or doors with windows to closed doors with out windows being locked for building security.

  2. Saumya Gupta says:


    I found this very useful for kids

  3. Martin says:

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