Early Childhood Book Study Special Guest #12 Announced!

Published on: August 24, 2015

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What If Book Study Marketing PicThe twelfth special guest expert participating in this book study is… Kelly Pfeiffer! You’ll find Kelly’s message below:

Kelly PfeifferHelping families enjoy being together and growing together is my primary goal. I love teaching adults about child development, Positive Discipline and behavior issues so they can enjoy their children more and feel great about raising capable kids. There’s no one right way to parent and I respect each individual parent’s choices. I simply offer tools and you get to decide which ones will work for your family.

If you work with me, I’ll never tell you tell how to parent and never judge what you’re doing, but rather ask you what you want for your family and help you achieve that goal.

I primarily use the Positive Discipline curriculum based on Adlerian theory. My live parent education workshops use active learning principles and experiential activities to teach concepts such as mutual respect, cooperation, anger management skills, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, self-care and conflict resolution.

As an adult educational trainer, I teach child care providers about a variety of child development topics, including physical growth and development, social-emotional growth and development, identifying developmental delays, Adlerian theory and applications, developmentally appropriate practice according to NAEYC standards and movement exploration. I design many of my trainings which include hands-on, accelerated learning principles, and offer South Carolina Department of Social Services continuing education credit. I was a presenter at the 2006 NAEYC Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Twitter @KellyPfeiffer
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ThinkItThroughParenting 

Kelly will be providing commentary regarding chapters 20 and 26 of Rae Pica’s book What If Everybody Understood Child Development? on Nov. 9th.

*Just joining us and want to get started? You can find all the book study details HERE. Grab your copy of the book and join us for this epic online event beginning on Aug. 31st!

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