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Published on: October 20, 2014

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CURRENT STUDENTS: We’re offering many early childhood courses this spring that may be of interest to you. Spring semester officially begins on Jan. 12th, but registration is currently open. In others words, if you’re looking to obtain a seat in class, now is the time to register – before classes fill! You can find the entire list of offerings and schedules HERE.

NEW STUDENTS: Are you considering our Early Childhood program? Wonderful! You’ll want to begin HERE and also contact an early childhood advisor (see below) for registration guidance and access to your program plan. As a tip for spring semester, begin with any developmental courses you may need (English/Math) depending on your Accuplacer assessment results. Otherwise, take your ENGL requirement and other Gen. Eds. You’ll want to take 1100, 1210, and 1220 FALL SEMESTER. Doing it in this sequence will get you on the best track for completion.

REQUIRED Early Childhood (ECYD) Courses 
1100 Intro to Early Childhood Careers
1210 Child Growth & Development
1220 Health, Safety, & Nutrition
1230 Guiding Children’s Behaviors
1240 Learning Environments & Curriculum
1325 Observation and Assessment
1340 Curriculum Planning
1510 Practicum I
2320 Children w/ Differing Abilities
2510 Practicum II
2570 Working w/ Diverse Families & Children
2600 Organizational Leadership
2900 Field Experience

ELECTIVE Early Childhood (ECYD) Courses 
2500 Shadow Study
2580 Creative Development Experiences
*Courses that are in the Required list but are not included in your program as required could also be used as Technical Electives.

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