Men in ECE

Published on: October 2, 2014

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MenTeach is a non-profit clearinghouse for both men and women seeking information and resources about men teaching. If you are a man thinking about teaching or currently teaching, you’ve found a place to connect with others who share your vision for children and society. If you are a researcher, university or college student or faculty, a legislator or from the media, you’ll find information to answer your questions.

MenTeach was started in 1979 in Minnesota, United States to increase the number of men working with young children. The organization was started because Bryan G. Nelson understood the importance of teaching and wondered, “If teaching is so important, then where are all the men?”

Click to access the September MenTeach Newsletter. Did you know that Bryan Nelson, Founder and Director of MenTeach was a blog guest speaker for us back in Apr. 2010? Check out his post HERE. (Scroll way down to his name)

2 Responses to Men in ECE

  1. Josh Kimmel says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dawn! This could prove very helpful to me.

  2. Dawn Braa says:

    You’re most welcome Josh!

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