I Have…Who Has…? (Numbers)

Published on: March 11, 2014

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ihavenumbersWrap Around Games are one of my all-time favorite games for children. Why? They encourage social interaction and reinforce critical thinking skills. I have made many different games for toddlers to school-agers (colors, shapes, dinosaurs, etc.) There is a Fact or Fiction *FREE* game online through Lakeshore Learning.

How does the game work? Pass out all the cards, one to each child. One child begins by saying, “I Have…Who Has…?” The child that has that item says, “I Have…Who Has…?” The game continues until all of the children have gone. You’ll know the game was played correctly when the game ends with the same person that began – hence the name Wrap Around Games.

PreKinders has a *FREE* printable NUMBERS WRAP AROUND GAME. Check it out! Want the SHAPE GAME too? You can grab it HERE.

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