I Have…Who Has…?

Published on: October 30, 2013

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One of my favorite wrap-around games for children is “I Have…Who Has”. A wrap-around game is one that begins with one child, circulates through all of the other children, and ends up back at the beginning with the original child. These games are thought-provoking for children and somewhat self-correcting. If it doesn’t end with the first child, something went wrong. They’ll want to play it again and again! Anticipation rises throughout the game to see if the last person was indeed the first person.

You can purchase these types of games from stores or download them for free from other sites. I’ve even made some of my own. They’re relatively simple if you have basic computer skills. I’ve included a couple of samples in this post for free download.
“I Have, Who Has” ANIMALS
“I Have, Who Has” COLORS

A fantastic preschool Shape Learning wrap-around game is available for download at PreKinders. Get your FREE COPY of the entire game today! Looking for a Numbers game? I’ve got you covered –> Click Here. This game can be used with older children too. Lakeshore Learning also has some free resources! Check out their Addition and Fact/Opinion wrap-around games.

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