24/7 Childcare? It exists…

Published on: October 27, 2013

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I came across an article this morning on childcareaware.org that discusses how in a 24-hour city, 9-5 childcare isn’t an option. In the city that never sleeps, childcare is available 24/7. Included below are a few article excerpts:

“Working while raising kids can be difficult for anyone. But the challenges can be compounded in Las Vegas, a 24-hour town where work schedules often start at a time most people are tucking in their kids — and long after most day care centers have closed. Child care facilities are a fact of life for some families struggling to balance work and family.”

“Children’s Choice is open 24/7. On an average day, more than 300 children come in and out — that’s why the center employs more than 100 caretakers, a cadre of nurses and five full-time cooks. There’s an infirmary, equipped with separate air ducts, for sick children.”

“…centers have cared for infants as young as 10 days old and children as old as 12. As owner of three 24-hour Tinker Town Learn and Play Centers in the Las Vegas Valley, Overby has cared for the children of everyone from strippers to line cooks to police officers and nurses.”

Read the entire article HERE. Have YOU ever worked in an 24-hr  childcare environment? Comment below.

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  1. Cory says:

    I was a director at a 24/7 center in Kansas City from 1987-92, we were hospital based so all of our families were employees of the hospital. It was a wonderful benefit to the employees and as Child Care staff we had the same benefits and were paid on a scale with other employees. The key was to have strong night and weekend managers- whiche we did!

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