Mondays with ME: Managing Homework (10/21/13)

Published on: October 21, 2013

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“Homework is a source of stress for many children and families – from lost papers to math that goes over even the parents’ head to last-minute scrambles to meet a deadline. But homework also has enormous benefits, not only in helping children master content but in promoting organizational skills and a work ethic that have lifelong value.” -ME

Research has a lot to say about school success and parent involvement, part of which of course is homework. Children are more likely to succeed in education when their parents ARE involved.
Parent Involvement 1
Parent Involvement 2

“So, what is the proper role for parents in helping with homework? And how can parents use homework as an opportunity to help their children build lifelong skills? Marti joined KARE 11 New at 11’s Pat Evans with 4C’s for homework.” -ME

See video below.

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