Guest Speaker: Officer Dan- Reaching Children

Published on: July 16, 2013

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July’s guest speaker is Officer Dan- our very first police officer! Dan Anselment is a licensed police officer and a forensic crime scene investigator. Not only that, he’s also a children’s book author. Because of his training and experience, he brings a unique perspective to his books.

‘Officer Dan Books’ are a series of children’s books designed to introduce and encourage a positive message to children about police officers.  The goal of the books series is to teach kids about police officers and show that they are someone they can trust. The character “Officer Dan” is based on author Dan Anselment. His wife Amy, a childcare provider, is the illustrator.

Because of his position, Officer Dan works often with families and children. Many times, those interactions may not be for positive reasons. It’s important to Officer Dan that children know about positive messages from police officers, that they are helpful, and can be trusted.

Officer Dan Looks for Clues introduces children to forensic science and police officers with a positive message.  This first book of the series covers many different types of evidence including: hairs, fibers, fingerprints, shoe prints,  tire tracks, tool markings and more. *Return tomorrow (7/17/13) for an autographed BOOK GIVEAWAY!

*Listen to Officer Dan’s message about his background, reaching young children, and his first children’s book.

*Visit Officer Dan’s website or on Facebook

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