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Published on: June 5, 2013

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I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a webinar for Hatch Early Learning for their Expert Webinar Series. I’d like to begin by thanking Dr. Dale McManis for the neat partnership we’ve created this past year. You may recall that she was our very first guest blogger. Little did I realize that  I would become Dr. McManis’s first guest blogger also! My sign language article was a hit and generated so much interest that Dr. McManis invited me to do a webinar for Hatch. It was a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! Time did not allow for all questions to be answered. However, here is a link to some of the answers at the Hatch website.

I’ll be offering a 1cr course this fall semester at DCTC: Sign Language in Early Childhood. Please note that this on-campus course meets only 6 evenings from 5:30 – 8:25pm (9/5, 9/19, 10/3, 11/7, 11/21).

This course is designed to equip students with the tools they need to introduce signing in childcare environments with preverbal children.  Students will examine research, review benefits of signing with hearing infants, practice modeling signs, identify strategies for parental involvement with sign, and discover how to create learning opportunities in daily activities. This course is useful for students, parents, teachers, nannies, and caregivers. Click on the video below to see it in action.


*Please note that although the video mentions an online section in the summer, at this time I am NOT offering such course. If there were enough interest in an online section, that could be a possibility in the future.

You do not need to be a degree seeking student to register. If desired, you can take just this course. If you’re interested, click HERE. Course ID# 000464, 1 credit. ECYD 2715, section 91. Approximate cost is $189.76. If you are already a student at DCTC and are interested, register as you normally would. Registration is already open!

Want to learn more about sign language with young children right now? Visit the post from a past guest speaker.

~Empower a Child with Sign~

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