Graduation 2013!

Published on: May 21, 2013

Filled Under: DCTC General, Early Childhood Youth Dev Program

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Congratulations to our 2013 EARLY CHILDHOOD and YOUTH DEVELOPMENT GRADUATES! We’re so very proud of you! Don’t forget to keep in touch.

Pictured: (beginning in back row) Jenna Nicole Leichty, Elizabeth M Shadeko, Kelsey Ann Kreidermacher, Jill Behnke-Instructor, Bridget Sturm, Samantha Ragsdale, Meghan Miller, Jessie Holst, Dawn Braa-Instructor, Morgan Ruth, Kaci Henry, Mandy May, Lorelei Rein, Brittany Montreuil

Not pictured: Susan Anselment, Megan Hernandez, Jessica  Sevcik, Melissa Van Dusartz, Janice Hakseth, Madelyn Todd, Sujeil Gaul, Kelli Wick, Lindsay Hartley, Naoko Soderberg, Sandra Perez

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