Sleep On It- Free Training @ DCTC

“After the deaths of three babies in a little more than a year, Dakota County is preparing a wake-up campaign to motivate home child-care providers to put infants down to sleep on their backs.” -Star Tribune

“The death of an infant is devastating in itself, but when a home day care provider loses a child in their care because of unsafe sleep practices they can expect a lot more devastation to come their way. Such a death could lead to child protection investigations, criminal investigations, license revocation, possible criminal prosecution and potential civil lawsuits. A day care provider’s life will change forever.

Sleep On It, a combined effort of the Dakota County Attorney’s Office and Dakota County Community Services Division, is reminding home day care providers to comply with Minnesota law when they lay infants down for naps by asking them one simple question: Would You Want to Live with This?

Free training sessions will remind home day care providers to follow safe sleeping practices for infants. By doing so, providers will not only save lives, but protect themselves in the process.” -Dakota County

One of those trainings will be held at DCTC, sponsored by the Early Childhood and Youth Development Program on Thursday, May 2, from 6:30–8:30 p.m. in the Dakota Room. Current students, along with program alumni, are also welcome to attend this FREE training. (Park in WEST parking lot)

Remember that state law requires daycare providers to place sleeping infants on their backs, unless directed by their parents (directive from Dr. preferred), to reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Sleeping areas for infants shouldn’t have pillows, blankets, or toys. This law applies to infants 12 months of age and younger. *Note* This training satifies the SIDS requirement – certificates will be handed out.

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