It’s Not Only a Box

Published on: November 1, 2012

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Teach Preschool

One of my favorite activities at the beginning of my Creative Development course is to ask students to think of as many uses as possible for a paperclip…then for a brick. Many times at first, they are thinking of practical, realistic uses. I encourage them to think ‘outside the box’ or as a child would…any possible use, regardless if it’s practical or realistic. A paperclip could be an earring, strung together as a bracelet, fingernails, a barette – you get the idea.

It’s important to do this with children as well. Although many times, they are more creative than adults. Their minds seem more unrestricted in thought. In fact, I’d say oftentimes they are more adventurous in their thought!

Let’s get to the topic of this post – boxes. There are many different uses for boxes. We’ve all seen the child at holidays or a birthday that plays more with the box than the actual gift. Why is that? Boxes are fascinating and are nearly limitless in what they could be. Follow along as Teach Preschool does a mini unit with boxes.

You can document the themes you do with children too and create a digital storyboard. There are many benefits to this for both the children and the parents, as well as for self-reflection and goal-setting for the provider. Not sure what a storyboard is, check out what some storyboards our students have created for ideas.

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