Storytelling and Yoga

Published on: October 18, 2012

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Playful Learning

Children generally enjoy stories. When you read to children, you are enhancing their language and literacy skills, as well as promoting creativity and imagination. A professor once told me that teachers should read a book to children five times within the week; once each day. The catch is that each day the book is to be read using a different format. (Original book, flannel board, big book, tape story, and drama/skit). The first four are preferred for younger children, whereas older children are also able to re-enact the stories or transform it into their own.

It is my experience that children enjoy participating in storytelling. Being a part of it assists with attention span and engages them on a deeper level than simply hearing the story. This also allows kinesthetic learners an opportunity to use their body in a positive manner. Afterall, for kinesthetic learners, their body is their main vehicle for learning! One way to do this is by incorporating sign language. You can read more about early childhood sign language in a previous post.

Another way to combine movement and storytelling is through yoga. Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. The Playful Learning Blog stated that, “Combining movement with storytelling actively engages children, immersing them in the experience in a more meaningful way. Their imaginations will be stimulated and enriched. It will allow them to reinterpret the text or spoken words and bring it to life in a creative, personal way.”

Learn more about Introducing Children to Yoga Through storytelling at the Playful Learning Blog.  Have you tried Yoga with the children in your life? Comment below!

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  1. Amy says:

    Very interesting – never thought about combining yoga with storytelling. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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