Family Child Care Favorites 2 (Summer)

Published on: July 13, 2012

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These family child care summer activity favorites come directly from a local provider. Perhaps there are a couple of ideas listed below that you could try out with the children in your life.

1) We live near a wooded trail/pond area so we do lot’s of nature hikes. Even if you don’t live near a wooded trail area you can turn any walk/hike into a scavenger hunt by looking up and down and all around. I encourage the kids to observe the various trees, shrubs, rocks, plants, flowers, birds, bugs, wild-life, anything we happen to come across. We bring binoculars, magnifying glasses, bug-catchers, and other items to make it an enjoyable adventure like sunscreen, water, snacks, camera, first-aid kit, etc. We also bring zip-lock bags for things we may want to keep – pinecones, acorns, leaves, etc.

2)”Car Wash” – a great way to get all the outdoor toys/equipment cleaned up too. I provide buckets, sponges, water, and soap and the kids have a BLAST getting everything cleaned up.

3) Parachute Play, Relays/Obstacle Courses/Junior Olympics (we will incorporate this with the summer Olympics coming in July), Hula Hoops, Jump-roping, flying kites on a windy day, playing in the warm summer rain in our swim suits, BUBBLES, cloud watching.

4) We keep track of the books we read through-out the summer and at the end of the summer we have a “Back To School” party with prizes awarded for our summer reading efforts. (We especially LOVE outdoor storytime!)

5) Other favorites – rock painting, nature collages, pajama parties with movies & pop corn on a rainy day, baking/cooking activities like home-made strawberry jelly or Monster cookies, music/movement/dance, painting with ice-cubes, fairy garden, bug collecting, water/sprinkler play.

6) Another favorite is  having field trips that “come to us” – like the Como Park Zoo, Petting Zoo, Reptile Zoo, Pony Rides, Dakota Wild Animals, etc.

Thanks for the suggestions! Do you have any favorites that aren’t listed? Comment below and let us know!!

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