Family Child Care Favorites (Summer)

Published on: June 26, 2012

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These family child care summer activity favorites come directly from a local provider. Perhaps there are a couple of ideas listed below that you could try out with the children in your life.

1.  Washing outside toys. I put swimming suits on the children, bring out buckets and wash cloths and we go to work. They love washing the toys and getting wet themselves. We put the toys in the sun to dry.

2.  Having a picnic. The children help me plan the meal, prepare it. Then we pack it in a basket and go outside, set up a blanket and have a good old fashion picnic with fried chicken and all the fixin’s!  The kids love this because they generally don’t do picnics with their parents.

3.  Pirate ship. I have a two tower swing set so each one is considered a ship. I have a telescope and steering wheel on each one. We put on our pirate bandanas and eye patches. I hide a treasure box and give them each a treasure map so they set off to find the treasure. (Treasure ideas: chocolate covered coins, necklaces, rings, jewels, etc. from the dollar store)

4.  Scavenger Hunt. I put down a list of items the children need to find. I give them each a bag and we walk around the neighborhood looking for various things. We then glue the items on a piece of paper for a collage.

5.  Ice cream Social. We go outside in our swimming suits. Each child gets a scoop of ice cream in a bowl to put on what flavor they want. They eat their ice cream and I have the sprinkler going so when they are done they play in the sprinkler to clean up. Viola!  No mess for me!!

Thanks for the suggestions! Do you have any favorites that aren’t listed? Comment below and let us know!!

2 Responses to Family Child Care Favorites (Summer)

  1. Sue's House Childcare says:

    I bought colored sand that comes in shaker bottles. We take our paper and glue outside and make designs with the glue on the paper which is on the grass. Then the kids can sprinkle to their hearts content and there is no mess. We leave the projects outside to dry and hold them down with rocks.

  2. Dawn Braa says:

    Great idea Sue! I love that it’s totally open-ended, that it can be completed outside, and that there’s easy clean-up! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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